“In every conceivable manner, the family is the link to our past, and the bridge to our future”
– Alex Haley


Welcome and thank you for visiting our site! Our goal is to provide information of the Longanbach family lineage and reach out to our distant cousins to build and share the Longanbach Family Tree! We are researching ancestors and descendants of Martin Luther Longanbach, born Johann Martin Langenbacher. This site also supports the Martin Longanbach Family Reunion, always held on the first Sunday in August in Fremont, Ohio. Our family reunion has been continuous since 1920. Much has been discovered and we have traced our roots back into the 1740s to the small village of Vohringen, Wurttemberg, Germany. We hope you find this site informative! If you are related, we hope you share your information as well!

Growing up in Tiffin, Ohio, I always knew we had a unique name! We were the only Longanbach household in Tiffin and didn’t figure there were many Longanbach’s left in the area. However, there are several hundred people across the US that carry our surname! Martin Luther Longanbach has over 3,000 descendants across the US and Canada! We will try and find them all!



Johann Georg Langenbacher was born in Vohringen located in the kingdom of Wurttemberg, now Vohringen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany on January 24, 1792. Johann Georg was baptized the same day to the Evangelical church in Vohringen. Son of Caspar Langenbacher (1761-1844) and Anna Catherina Maier (1765-1831). Georg was born and raised in Vohringen and was confirmed to the Evangelical faith in 1806. On August 24, 1820, Georg was married to Anna Rauch in Vohringen by Pastor Schultz from Bergfeldon. Together Johann Georg and Anna had eleven children, Martin being one of them.

In March of 1836, Johann Georg Langenbacher, Master Carpenter, applied for emigration with the kingdom of Wurttemberg. Georg and his wife Anna had to present themselves before the Royal Council to declare their intent to emigrate to North America. They had to give up their citizenship and clear themselves of all debt before being permitted to leave. They also had  to list the items and money they owned. The couple and their children Christina, Anna Katherina, Johann Martin, Anna and Maria Agnes immigrated to North America in May of 1836. It is currently unknown what ship the family traveled on or exactly what port they entered into. However, Anna gave birth to another son, Jacob on September 17, 1836 in Seneca County, New York. The family is listed in the 1840 US Federal Census in Seneca County, New York. Prior to 1844, the family moved to Rice Township, Sandusky County, Ohio. George Longanbach was a farmer in Sandusky County, Ohio. On July 20, 1862, George died from injuries after being struck by a train near Fremont, Ohio. He is buried in Binkley Cemetery, Rice Township, Sandusky County, Ohio with his wife Anna.


History Page:  Included on this page is a brief history of Wurttemberg, Germany including the Kings that ruled during 1806 to 1918. A brief history of Vohringen, Wurttemberg, Germany, which is where Johann Georg Langenbacher moved his family from. We have traced several more generations in this village. Also provided is the origin of our name and meaning of Langenbach. While there are several Langenbach villages in Germany, we have narrowed it down to one. The Langenbach coat of arms is also on this page.

Gallery Page: Includes most of the pictures we have to date. The pictures are organized by generation at the present time starting with Martin Luther Longanbach as generation one then working down. These pictures are available to download and print. If you have pictures or documents that you do not see on this site, then please share!

Family Tree Page: This page is currently under construction and soon we will have a more complete tree available. You will be able to scroll up and down the tree beginning with Johann Georg Langenbacher. There are over 3,000 descendants of Longanbach” !!

Family Reunion Page: This is where all upcoming reunion information will be posted. It also includes pictures and information on previous reunions as well.

Documents Page: This page includes historical family records such as emigration, bible and church records. Many other documents will continue to be listed here that have important family historical value.

Reunion Registry Page:  The Martin Longanbach Family Reunion has been continuous since 1920! Meeting minutes and attendance logs have been kept for every meeting since! In these minutes you will find the business meeting, the activities for the day and the sign in rosters. You will find many of your ancestors signatures in these documents!




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  1. Michael,

    Thank you for putting this site together. Like you, I thought that I was born of a rare few. I was born 1966 in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada to a Sandra Longanbach, but put up for adoption soon after my birth. I was told by my adoptive parents that I was adopted when they believed I could understand what it meant. I looked in our local phone book and found a phone listing for Leslie Longanbach living in Thessalon Ontario. I didn’t have confirmation of my mother’s name until a year ago when I was able to get copies of my original birth registration and adoption order. I am not reflected in your research along with another adopted out Longanbach who was born your namesake, Michael Longanbach. he was born in 1963 in Sault Ste. Marie as well. Unfortunately for both of us, we feel that the best prospects for our mothers have both passed away.
    Thank you again for all your hard work, and we appreciate this site as a tool in helping us piece together our histories.

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